My drinking years: ‘Everyone has blackouts, don’t they?’

Link: My drinking years: ‘Everyone has blackouts, don’t they?’

The final section, where the author describes drinking as an attempt to recapture the freedom they had a child, seems to me to be the best description ever of some people’s drinking behaviors I have witnessed close up.


LHC reboot


Update on the LHC reboot:

This just happened. Minutes ago.

They’ve now reached 13 TeV, which they were aiming for with the reboot. This is the highest energy level the LHC has ever reached, so hopefully some new scientific insights come out of this. 🙂

Exciting times! The LHC will now show its capabilities as a discovery machine!

I wish U2, Paul McCartney and The Grateful Dead could be appreciated by boomers in the privacy of their dining rooms instead of headlining festivals. I’m sick of the music they like being romanticised and glorified. I wish I never had to hear about ‘the genius legend of John Lennon’ ever again. We can be influenced by the past but fuck retro trends, it’s regressive. It robs our generation of our rightful identity in the present. Let’s support the up-and-coming, struggling artists of our generation.

Alice Glass for i-D (via theremina)