Bit Rot – Charles Stross

Link: Bit Rot – Charles Stross



If you are reading this text file and you don’t remember me–that’s Lilith Nakamichi-47–then you are suffering from bit rot. If you can see me, try to signal; I’ll give you a brain dump. If I’m not around, chances are I’m out on the hull, scavenging for supplies.  Keep scanning, and wait for me to return. I’ve left a stash of feedstock in the storage module under your bunk: to the best of my knowledge it isn’t poisonous, but you should take no chances. If I don’t return within a couple of weeks, you should assume that either I’m suffering from bit rot myself, or I’ve been eaten by another survivor.

Or we’ve been rescued–but that’s hopelessly optimistic.

Only Charles Stross could pull off hard sci-fi robot zombies in space.

First time I’ve read this author, I’m digging it.

This story is awesome. I first read it as part of the Engineering Infinity short story collection. All of Charles Stross’s fiction (and blog) is great, but the pinnacle for me is still Accelerando.