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Reblogging for the Anon I was too foggy headed to help a few days ago. I have been quite sick and forgot all about this post which may help you out. also thanks @serasidarkin for the reply.


A character for Numenera

Following in the footsteps of Ubermunchkin, I decided to create a character for Numenera, to teach me the rules.

I want to create a nano (a wizard of the setting, who uses sufficiently advanced technology to create ‘magical’ effects). My basic concept is a tall, hooded figure, known as ‘the Prophet’.

The Prophet starts with the following in his three pools (pool represents your raw, innate ability in that activity, and you can spend pool to make a task easier).

Might 7
Speed 9
Intellect 12

I have six points to divide between these pools. I will add 3 to Might (he is stronger than he looks), 1 to speed, and 2 to intellect, for new totals of

Might 10
Speed 10
Intellect 14

For the background, I have chosen ‘Psionics’, meaning that the Prophet has a psychic talent to interface with the nano machines that fill the world.

As a first tier nano, I have the following abilities:

  • Effort 1 (meaning that the maximum my character can lower the difficulty is one tier, which will cost three of the relevant pool, minus whatever edge I have in that ability)

  • Genius: I start with an intellect edge of 1, but zero edge in Might and Speed.

  • Expert Cypher use: my character can carry three cyphers at a time

  • Practiced With Light Weapons: my character can use light weapons, such as punches, kicks, knives, handaxes, darts, and so on, without penalty. I had imagined my character carrying a quarterstaff, and though he can use it in combat, it will be at one tier of penalty.

  • Starting Equipment: I start with clothing (dark, voluminous robes), one weapon (a staff, hung with talismans and pendants), a book about the numenera, three cyphers (chosen by the GM), one oddity (chosen by the GM), and 4 shins (coins).

  • Esoteries: these are equivalent to spells for another game. I choose two such abilities:

    • Scan (which costs two from my intellect pool to cast)
    • Onslaught (which costs one from my intellect pool to cast)

Finally I can choose a descriptor and a focus. This is the most innovative part of Numenera, where a character can be created from a single sentence using an adjective, noun and verb, of the form  “I am a [adjective] [noun] who [verb].” The noun is the character type, which I have already chosen to be ‘nano’. For the descriptor (adjective) and focus (verb), I can choose from the lists provided in the book.

Looking at the lists, I have decided that the Prophet will be a ‘mystical nano who lives in the wilderness’

The mystical descriptor gives me gives me an extra +2 to my intellect pool (taking it to 16), a skill such that I am trained in all actions involving identifying or understanding the numenera, the ability to ‘sense magic’, and an extra esotery (‘Hedge magic’). But my character has an manner that others find unnerving. Finally I have an extra oddity, which I choose to be a Lightning bug in a glass globe, which I use for lighting at night.

The ‘lives in the wilderness’ focus, gives me a piece of additional equipment (a directional compass), some minor and major effects involving natural creatures, and the Wilderness Life and Wilderness Lore skills, which provide training in climbing and swimming tasks, and training in wilderness navigation, and in identifying plants and creatures.

Normally my ciphers and oddities would be given to me by the GM, but I have decided to choose them for myself. For the ciphers I choose a datasphere siphon, a hunter/seeker, and temporal viewer. For the oddity, I choose goggles that allow you to see perfectly through steam or smoke.

Finally I need a name. I choose Arjen of Matheunis, the Prophet of the Wastes. I have decided that my background will be that I learned nano-sorcery in the temple of an obscure god. Its priests and worshippers, although small in number, respect and admire your talents and potential.


Arjen of Matheunis, the Prophet of the Wastes

“I am a mystical nano, who lives in the Wilderness.”

Might: Edge: 0, Pool: 10

Speed: Edge: 0, Pool: 10

Intellect: Edge: 1, Pool: 16


  • Trained in identifying or understanding the Numenera
  • Trained in Wilderness Life
  • Trained in Wilderness Lore
  • Manner that others find unnerving: charm, persuasion, or deception action are one step more difficult


  • Practiced With Light Weapons
  • Sense ‘magic’
  • Esoteries:
    • Hedge magic
    • Scan
    • Onslaught

Other details:
Connection to another PC who isn’t from the wilderness. You can’t help but feel a little contempt for that character and her “civilized” ways, which show disdain for all things natural and (to your mind) true.


  • Clothing (dark, voluminous robes)
  • A staff, hung with talismans and pendants,
  • A book about the numenera
  • Two oddities:
    • goggles that allow you to see perfectly through steam or smoke
    • a lightning bug in a glass globe
  • Three cyphers:
    • a datasphere siphon
    • a hunter/seeker
    • a temporal viewer
  • 4 shins (coins)